Helping urologists make informed treatment decisions with patients

Our first product uses reliable AI to analyze pathology slides and predict response to BCG, the standard of care in high-grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

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Evidence for Vesta


Biomarker-present patients have a 2x elevated risk of non-response to BCG compared to biomarker-absent patients


Patients with high recurrence scores have a 2x elevated risk of recurrence within 6 and 24 months


Patients with a high progression score have a 3x elevated risk of disease progression within 3 years


The introduction of Vesta has been transformative to my practice. The ability to predict which of my patients won't respond to BCG and route them to an alternative is a paradigm shift in bladder cancer treatment. Its seamless integration into our existing workflows has also been invaluable.

Stephen Williams

Urologist, UTMB

The introduction of Vesta is a paradigm shift for how we can best serve our bladder cancer patients. Its ability to predict response to BCG treatment is invaluable, particularly amidst the current nationwide BCG shortage. This breakthrough allows us to judiciously allocate our limited BCG therapy and responsibly pursue the best option for each patient. This ensures each patient receives personalized and highly effective treatment.

Jay Shah

Urologist, Stanford Health Care


Working with pharma to give patients options

We partner with pharmaceutical companies to run validation studies for new therapies, giving patients more choices if they are unlikely to respond to the standard of care.

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Partnering with pharma companies to run validation studies for novel cancer therapies

Helping patients get access to novel treatments and trials if BCG isn’t right for them

Improving outcomes and limiting toxicity by helping people  use the most appropriate therapy for their illness


Frequently asked questions about Vesta

What is Vesta?

Vesta is the only bladder cancer diagnostic that predicts treatment response to BCG using routine histology.

Who is Vesta intended for?

Vesta is intended for high grade non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients. The test assesses likelihood of recurrence and progression, and prediction of BCG unresponsive disease.

How much does the test cost?

Valar is committed to providing patient access regardless of finances. The Valar Labs Access Program supports patients with financial needs.

What is the turnaround time for the test?

Turnaround time for Vesta is approximately 3 days after the sample has arrived at our laboratory.

Do I need an additional sample to run Vesta?

No, Vesta testing uses an existing sample from the TURBT procedure. No additional sample is needed.

How can I order the Vesta test?

Vesta testing is offered through licensed physicians who treat patients with bladder cancer. Vesta is performed in Valar Lab’s CLIA-certified laboratory.

When is Vesta ordered in my diagnostic process?

Vesta can be ordered after a bladder cancer diagnosis is made to help inform therapy selection.