Cancer treatment is full of uncertainty

Physicians haven’t had tools to predict a patient’s response to therapy, leaving both in the dark during major decisions. Valar Labs delivers patient-specific evidence that helps physicians and families make more informed decisions about therapy selection.


Our diagnostics use reliable AI to interpret the tumor microenvironment

Analyzing solid tumors with AI

Our diagnostics interpret digitized pathology slides, using AI algorithms to assess previously unseen spatial features.

Reliable AI physicians can trust

We design transparent AI systems based on underlying biology, so physicians can trust the results. Traditional black box AI diagnostics don’t show you how they work.

Clear, actionable results

Insightful reports show the presence or absence of histology-based biomarkers linked to treatment response, and stratify risk of progression and recurrence.


Patients have more confidence and peace of mind

Choosing the best treatment path should be more straightforward. Our diagnostics give timely guidance to patients and families facing cancer, empowering them to make more informed, evidence-based decisions that maximize the likelihood of remission.


Physicians are empowered to make informed treatment decisions

Our diagnostics exist so oncologists don’t have to agonize over educated guesses about therapy selection. Rather than relying on odds and averages, our tests enable physicians to interpret unique data from a patient’s tumor and make the best decision informed by all available evidence.


Quick, simple diagnostics fit seamlessly into existing workflows

Seamless integration

Because they use pathology slides, our diagnostics integrate seamlessly into existing molecular testing workflows without adding steps, time, or cost.

Rapid turnaround

Every hour is crucial. Our diagnostics meet the urgency of the moment, delivering actionable results in just hours or days – not weeks or months.

Any cancer center

Our robust algorithms can work with any patient at any hospital on any continent. Tests are based on tumor biology, and aren’t affected by diverse clinical settings.